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Sarah K

Co-founder & Choreographer

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Dani K

Co-founder & Art Director


Welcome to 

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Co-founded and run by Dani K and Sarah, we create bespoke first dances and supply high end dance entertainment for wedding parties, corporate events and private functions.


As a husband and wife professional dance couple we have danced, taught and performed both nationally and internationally for a combined total of 25 years.

With career highlights including Dani K being awarded Best UK Salsa performer, and our viral dance piece Why Do We Dance being scouted by Britain’s Got Talent, we have built a name within the Latin scene for the creativity and originality that we bring in the form of Latin and Latin fusion dance.

We have been choreographing wedding dances together alongside our main performance and teaching work since 2019. Following Covid our business as we knew it had to change and our passion for dance and entertainment needed to find its place again in a new climate where the industry now looked and operated very differently.


Rather organically, in 2022, we found ourselves designing wedding dances once again and this time with more drive and desire than ever before. This passion combined with increased demand built great momentum and lead us to make the decision to focus on first dances as our core business offering. 

Fast forward to August 2023, following organic growth and experience, the additional arm of dance entertainment was added to our offering and DanceInUK was founded. Now with the help of a wider team onboard which includes multiple UK and world dance champions, DanceInUK is here as the perfect companion for your upcoming special day. 

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You've made it this far, is DanceInUK your perfect fit? Click HERE for your complimentary video consultation with Dani K & Sarah to discuss your needs.

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